R2-D2 Drone whistles and beeps as it flies

Drones have gone big time over the last few years with plenty of ready to fly drone kits out there and hoards of potential to roll your own custom drone. Don Melara rolled his own drone and it is the droid you are looking for. Melara built a four-propeller drone that has a body that is R2-D2 from the Star Wars saga.

Melara has some experience with drones, he is an aerial cinematographer for Air Cam Shots. The R2 drone has a moving head, LED jetpack feet lights, and a speaker that makes all the appropriate R2-D2 whistles and beeps.

The R2 drone started as a DJI drone frame. Features of the drone include a DJI GPS autopilot nav system and CCD camera in the R2 eye area. The build took eight days to complete and the result is a fantastic looking drone that flies surprisingly well.

It seems that Melara built the R2 shell himself, there is no indication that it started as a toy or a model kit of some sort. Knowing how suit happy Disney and Lucasfilm tends to be, I think no one would be surprised if a harshly worded letter were to show up at Melara's door.