R2-D2 car charger puts the droid in your cupholder

Can't get enough of Star Wars' most lovable blue-clad droid? We recently detailed the new R2-D2 Bluetooth speaker, which is a realistic replica of R2-D2's head. Now there's a new companion to add to your R2-D2 fondness, and this one comes in the form of a car charger. The charger hails from ThinkGeek, which designed the product itself. As always, it is officially licensed, and even better — it's available as of now.

The R2-D2 charger is designed to fit in your car's cupboard holder, and plugs into the power port ("cigarette lighter") in the vehicle. It features a glowing eye that lights up with a blue LED when connected, and its head rotates for that extra dose of realism. There are two USB ports on it, both of which are the higher powered 2.1 amps so it'll juice up your phones quickly.

The droid whistles and beeps when the power is connected, and when a device is plugged in. If you like hearing it, though, you can also force him to animate by pressing the center button. If you don't like the sounds, however, you're out of luck, as those can't be disabled.

This, of course, is just a sample of the R2-D2 items out there. There's the R2-D2 teapot, for example, which lets you spice up your stove with a dash of droid. And there's the R2-D2 desk vacuum, which is exactly what it sounds like: a little R2-D2 unit that operates off USB and sucks up the sandwich crumbs from lunchtime. Sound interesting? Hit up the timeline below for more details on them!

Price starts at $39.99 USD.