R.A.D.A.R device will help prevent DWI offenders from driving drunk

Shane McGlaun - Jan 15, 2013
R.A.D.A.R device will help prevent DWI offenders from driving drunk

Alcohol impaired drivers are a hazard to everyone the roads all around the world. Many drivers convicted of DWI offenses and up having their vehicles outfitted with devices that prevent their vehicles from starting if the offender has had too much to drink. The problem with simple systems that drivers blow into is that they can always have someone else blow into the device if they’ve had too much to drink.

A new high-tech monitoring system aimed at filling some of these loopholes in current monitoring systems for offenders called R.A.D.A.R. has been announced. The device has dual independent biometric technologies used to identify the user and confirm that the person who is supposed to be using the device is actually performing the test. The device also compiles reports that are mobile device friendly and work with the iPad and smartphones on the market.

The system sets a standard allowing for immediate reporting about all use, notification of test subjects, and immediate automated test results. The manufacturer of this device says that some systems can take up to 24 hours to get results. The system meets all DOT alcohol testing accuracy standards and uses military grade 256-bit encryption for privacy.

The machine has multiple testing capabilities including scheduled, random, and self-initiated depending on requirements for individuals. The system also provides GPS location fix for every test that regardless of positive or negative results. The battery in the device is good for 96 hours of use per charge.

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