Quirky unveils Tilt iPhone 4 case

Shane McGlaun - Jul 16, 2010
Quirky unveils Tilt iPhone 4 case

I really like most of the stuff that the Quirky design community designs and then turns into a real product. Most of the stuff from Quirky reminds me of design concepts that we see on other sites with big distinction that Quirky actually builds and offers the stuff for sale.

The latest product from Quirky is the Tilt case for the iPhone 4 smartphone. The Tilt is a bumper case that should help alleviate the infamous reception woes caused by the placement of the iPhone antenna. The case isn’t a straight design and has come angles to it that some will like and others may find a bit strange.

It’s made from plastic with a soft rubber front. The faceted sides are designed for wrapping your headphones around the case. The bottom half of the bumper is hinged to prop the iPhone up for viewing and use. The thing is offered in black or a white and purple combo. The case will sell for $28 and 990 will be made. Pre-orders are going now and 32 of the cases have been sold.

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