Quirky outs slick Ray solar charger

I like most of the crowd sourced gear that quirky builds. The company operates on an interesting model where they take a person's idea and then build the product based on input from the users of the site. The latest product from Quirky is the Ray and it's very interesting for those that are on the go a lot. The Ray is a little suction cup solar charger with a USB port that uses the cables that come with your gear.

The solar panel is inside the suction cup face that sticks to the windows of just about anything from your home, office, car, or even airplane. The device also has a kickstand that lets you use the charger on a desk if you are near a window. The Ray also has a storage compartment to hold your USB cables when you aren't charging the device.

The Ray measures 2.5" x 2.5" x 3" and Quirky notes that it is subject to change during production. The Ray has a battery inside to let you charge gadgets at night as well. You can pre-order the Ray for $39.99 and once the 2,000 order mark is met, it will move into production. So far, 614 have been ordered. The hard details like charge speed and the size of the battery inside the Ray aren't offered.