Quirky outs cool modular cooking utensil

Shane McGlaun - Dec 7, 2010
Quirky outs cool modular cooking utensil

I like to cook, but I hate having to dig in the drawer to find the utensil I need. We have like 100 plastic spoons that always seem to bury the spatulas when I need them. Quirky has all sorts of cool products and one of the more recent offerings from the company is the Click n Cook spatula.

The Click n Cook is a modular spatula and cooking utensil thingy that is really cool. You have a handle that removes from the individual attachment heads allowing you to get all the cooking utensils you need with one handle and less space.

The kit comes with one handle, a flat spatula, a long slotted spatula, an extra-wide slotted spatula, a flexible mixer, and a slotted spoon. The storage base and all pieces are available right now for $35. Check out the video below for a look at how the product came to be.

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