Quirky Mantis is a clip on task light for lots of tasks

Quirky comes up with some strange crowd-sourced product designs, but they are almost always cool products. The latest cool and odd product to come from Quirky is the Mantis task light. The little light has a clip on design that allows it to be used on your desktop LCD, notebook screen, and as a freestanding light for other needs.

The device has two settings with one for bright light and one for low light. The light comes from 11 different LEDs and it has a pair of flip out legs to let it free stand. The end pieces on those legs are non-skid to help keep it in place.

Power for the light comes from a pair of AA batteries that are good for 30 hours of use per set. The light will also shut off two hours after it is turned on to preserve power. The lamp measures 9.1in x 1.0in x 1.0in and the clip measures 2.6in x 1.4in x 2.2in. Quirky is offering the Mantis for pre-order right now at $26.99 and wants to sell 1500 of them before going into production. So far, only 74 have been purchased.