QuickSnap ice cube trays make getting ice out easy

Shane McGlaun - Apr 30, 2010
QuickSnap ice cube trays make getting ice out easy

My dad was always telling me how bad things were in his day when I was a kid. He had to walk to school in the show, uphill both ways, with bailing wire for shoestrings and so on. I’ve actually got it pretty easy and the worst thing I can think of to tell my son about how bad I had it when I was a kid was that we had to use ice trays. No stinkin’ door dispenser, things were rough.

The thing I remember about ice trays was that it was nearly impossible to get the ice to come out. My grandmother had this metal ice tray with a lever, but you would get frostbite trying to get a cold drink with that thing. I also remember the cheap 6-trays for buck things that would snap before the ice came out sending shards of frozen plastic into your skin. Maybe I had it worse than I think.

Yanko Design has a new concept ice tray called the QuickSnap. When you flip it over there are little white tabs on the bottom that you press to eject the ice. That means no twisting, no frostbite, and no severed arteries with blue plastic sticking out.

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