Quickie brings Apple Watch's quirkiest feature to phones

With an app by the name of Quickie, smartphone users are able to send temporary doodles back and forth via the web. This app is a one-touch video, text, and emoji messenger app, and it works for both Android and iOS for iPhone. This app is like Snapchat meets Periscope. It's like a strange marriage between all of your favorite odd messaging apps – Facebook Messenger included. And you can doodle in it, just like that one friend you have who has an Apple Watch.

No longer will you be tethered to your arm, needing to pull your sleeve up to send a little doodle to your best buddy. It's time for freedom! It's time to bring that functionality to the smartphone!

Quickie is a very simple app that connects to your smartphone uniquely. It attaches to your smartphone's cell number, allowing you to be as secure as you are with all other smartphone-specific passwords and oddities.

NOTE: While we WERE going to do a screen-recorded session showing what this app was capable of, the developers behind the app have disabled screen record abilities. Just like Snapchat, you're going to have a really difficult time keeping any communications you've been sent – it's meant to disappear!

UPDATE: Same goes for screenshots, of course. No capture for you!

Quickie is available for iOS through the iTunes app store and through Google Play for your Android device right this minute, for free. Have a peek and let us know what you think.