Quattroflex: Future of Audi?

Rue Liu - Nov 14, 2006

Concept vehicles are always more interesting to look at because they can escape the boundaries of reality such as rain and side-impact airbags. The Audi Quattroflex, a concept car not a four-bladed stubble shaver, has indeed outstepped the boundaries in an imaginative design manifested as what appears to be a futuristic chariot. Designed by Alexey Bykov, a Russian student, the concept design has won a “Best Use of Technology Award” in this year’s Interior Motives Design Awards. More details and images after the jump.

The vehicle essentially houses all its mechanical guts in the two cylinders, front and rear. The wheels are made of flexible materials from the future, that will allow the wheelbase to expand and contract, making it suitable for all types of terrain. It appears that the body of the vehicle and the seating is of the same flexible material, making them customizable to the user.

Russian designer takes Audi into future with Quattroflex [Via: Autoblog]

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