Quantum Break DRM bug turns your character into a pirate

Different companies have different ways of dealing with piracy. Some will try to lock a game down with harsh DRM, which can sometimes backfire and prevent the game from being played by paying users. Others will simply use an Easter egg to shame pirates into (hopefully) purchasing a copy of the game. Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment went with the second option, but it looks like it still managed to affect legitimate game owners.

Since the game is tied to the Windows Store, it's pretty safe from being pirated at the moment. However, that doesn't mean that some users aren't being shamed for supposedly being pirates. One Reddit user noticed that there's a pretty easy way to trigger the piracy Easter egg.

If you log out of the Windows Store before you fire up your game, it will think that you've managed to illegally obtain the game. Instead of locking you out of the game, your character will now come equipped with an eye patch with a lovely skull and crossbones. If you exit the game, log back into the Windows Store, you'll notice that the patch no longer shows up on your character.

This isn't the first time that Remedy has used this tactic on pirates. Alan Wake had a similar Easter egg, which had your character also wearing an eye patch. I wonder what would happen if Konami decided to use the same method on their Metal Gear Solid games.

VIA: Reddit