Quanta unveils DST touchscreen tech at Computex

Touchscreens are the norm today after the iPhone debuted years ago and brought the tech into the mainstream in a huge way. Since then touch screens have been evolving and the number of devices with touchscreens continues to boom. Quanta Computer and 3M have announced a new codeveloped technology at Computex called DST.

DST (dispersive signal technology) will be used in products by the end of the year according to Quanta. DST tech uses an extra layer of glass on a screen that has sensors and is able to locate a pen or finger by calculating the location of the shock caused by the motion of touching the screen.

The tech will allow the use of both fingers and pen input. DST also allows device makers to make thinner tablets and gadgets with touch capability integrated. Quanta would not offer pricing information on the new DTS screen and would only say that price isn't out of line with its other offerings.