Qualcomm touts their Snapdragon processor power - from 2 years ago

Today the folks from Qualcomm have released a neat little video showing off just how impressive their Snapdragon processors that power most of today's (and yesterdays) smartphones truly are. Qualcomm's been a leader in the mobile processor space for a long time, and are powering some of the most popular phones like the Galaxy S III and HTC One X.

There's a catch though. The video isn't showing off their extremely impressive, efficient, and fast Snapdragon S4 that is running most smartphones today. No. It's showing off their old and aging Snapdragon S2 processor from two years ago — still beating the competition in daily tasks. It is a smart little marketing video if I don't say so myself.

One thing they are showing here is more than just their processing power, but the entire system on chip power and performance. A processor is more than just raw power and Qualcomm knows this. They show gaming using their powerful Adreno graphics, then fast and accurate GPS response thanks to the effort Qualcomm puts into the entire SoC.

So what do you guys think? Is this just a marketing ploy? We've reviewed tons of Qualcomm smartphones in the past, and the recent months and they always perform to the top of our expectations. The Xperia (used in the video) seems to run quite well on the Snapdragon S2 from 2010 — but we don't necessarily know what they're comparing it to. Qualcomm knows how to make some of the best mobile processors around as we so clearly see with the Galaxy S III here in the states. Oh and in case you didn't see what they're bringing in 2012 — you'll want to check out the LG Optimus G and its quad-core S4 Pro.

[via Qualcomm YouTube]