Qualcomm patent app shows multi-fold device to replace smartphone and tablets

We all know that half the cool stuff we see in patent applications won't ever make it to market. I have decided that lots of the really cool patents applied for are nothing more than a way to capitalize on the possibility of such tech coming in the future and being able to sue. Qualcomm has filed a patent application for a multi-fold device that looks interesting.

The patent app shows a device that can be spread out flat to be used as a TV, folder into a cell phone or folded into a tablet style device with a keyboard section. The idea is interesting, but the gaps created at the fold lines would drive me crazy if I tried to watch TV on something like that.

The patent app also says that the UI will change depending on how the device is folded. That would mean when folded like a cell phone you would get a thumb pad and number pad for calls. Fold it like a notebook and get a keyboard on one section and a display on the other.