Qualcomm patent app embeds LBS on SIM-style module

Chris Davies - Jan 11, 2010
Qualcomm patent app embeds LBS on SIM-style module

Qualcomm have applied for a patent whereby location-based services (LBS) could be supported by a removable module, which the user could switch between different devices such as cellphones.  The module – which could be a SIM card or similar – would store personal details and, potentially, other information about the individual user, and streamline setup of new devices.  It would also ensure consistent LBS behaviour across devices.

“The removable module may store subscription information, personal information, and/or other information for a user and may be inserted into a terminal, e.g., a cellular phone. The removable module may include LBS applications that may utilize location information to perform various actions. The location information may comprise a location estimate, speed, orientation, etc., of the terminal.” Qualcomm patent application

Apps to use with LBS may be embedded on the module or running on the handset or device it’s inserted into.  The hardware, meanwhile, could be Qualcomm’s own gpsOne.TM location-positioning hybrid chip, which includes GPS, AFLT and other positioning methords, or it could use another standard; basically, whatever the device has on-board.

As for potential uses of the technology, not only would it assist in finding a lost handset but Qualcomm also reckon it could improve personalization of discount e-vouchers and marketing schemes.  The individual’s module would make sure the promotions were tailored to that user’s preferences, so you wouldn’t receive an e-voucher for, say, peanut brittle if you’re allergic to nuts.

[via Go Rumors]

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