Qualcomm mirasol gaming ereader concept plus video demo

Remember the Qualcomm mirasol ebook reader prototype we we exclusively showed you yesterday?  One thing we weren't allowed to photograph – something Qualcomm rectified today – was one of the more interesting attachments they envisage potentially figuring highly: a snap-on gaming controller.  The mirasol team won't confirm any OEM names, but using the low-power displays in gaming hardware looks to be another potential avenue.  Plus, after the cut, a video of the mirasol display in action.

Although the prototype ebook reader is currently only a non-functional mock-up – albeit one using a real 5.7-inch mirasol display – Qualcomm are hoping to stress that they don't see the display technology as being solely for e-readers.  Instead, given that it displays color and is capable of smooth video (as you can see in the video below, which shows a demo 2.2-inch panel at work), your ebook reader could just as easily serve as a mobile gaming handheld, with wireless connectivity for multiplayer titles and – keeping everything in the family – a Snapdragon chipset for the necessary grunt.

Of course, it's up to OEMs themselves to push out actual hardware, with the current attachment merely a proof of concept.  However Qualcomm's mirasol team did tell us yesterday that it wasn't just ebook readers that are on the cards: they're envisaging touchscreen tablet-style handhelds, UMPC-style computers and more.

Qualcomm 2.2-inch mirasol display:

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