Qualcomm EVP Murthy Renduchintala waxes futuristic in the Personal Media Hub

This week we got the opportunity to have a chat with Qualcomm's EVP Murthy Renduchintala who made it clear that the company's future isn't just in making high-efficiency next-level processing power SoCs, but to make the smartphone (or smart device) the center of your world definitively. Speaking about how as Qualcomm aims to keep the entire mobile processor experience both high efficiency and high power, Renduchintala made the case for the company's foresight for a world where it's no longer a case-by-case basis in which you share and interact with the media you associate with, it's more of a management situation. You won't even think about it all, you'll just do it.

While our chat began with talk of the newly announced set of processors in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 600 lines, it quickly became all about the user experience and what a Qualcomm processor would do for a smartphone in the very near future. As a Personal Media Hub, your smartphone will be your ticket to collect, store, project, and otherwise associate with the media around you – and we'll have machines that do this better and, again, more efficiently each upgrade cycle the folks at Qualcomm improve their architecture.

"We really see the potential to explore human experiences. It's a scenario where everything you want to experience in your life is always at hand for transport to the relevant form of media you have in front of you. ... We're not really restricting the definition of a smartphone to a handheld experience. We're really redefining it toward being your social and multimedia hub that can allow you to interact with your media in a variety of different ways."

- Renduchintala

Renduchintala also spoke on how Qualcomm's intent with the technologies they're using now is to make this interactivity as freely as possible, "in a manner where you don't have to worry about how many Kilobytes of data you have left in your data plan." This activity is being set up by Qualcomm to be done with as little "burden on your data network" as possible. With this comes a personal device that can share within the physical space you occupy – not just made to share to the web, but to the 3rd party screens and devices right there in the room.

"[The smartphone] isn't just a static, self-contained entity that we're going to hold in our hands. Its pretty much become the center of our digital lives. We basically see it potentially as almost like a personal media hub, where the phone is not just an item that you're going to hold in your hand, it's actually going to be a conduit to other things in life. It's essentially streaming or adapting with the multimedia and interactive devices to really provide you with the epitome of connectivity." – Renduchintala

Have a peek at the Qualcomm tag portal we've got set up and see the major technologies they've announced over the past year and see for yourself – they're in a place as a processor designer and manufacturer where they're creating a profile and environment in which their hardware is set to be used. Let us know what you think of this approach and stick around throughout CES 2013 and into the future to see what Qualcomm brings to the smart device market throughout the year!