Qualcomm continues Windows Phone dominance with Apollo

Chris Burns - Jun 5, 2012
Qualcomm continues Windows Phone dominance with Apollo

This week the folks at Qualcomm have confirmed that they’ll be working with manufacturers across the board to put their own Snapdragon processor line in to Windows Phone 8 Apollo devices. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 lineup had been completely covered by Qualcomm chips thus far, and an announcement that they will continue to do so should be seen as a good sign for the company’s future worth for Microsoft.

This announcement comes aside news of additional separations between classifications of the Snapdragon S4 processor which we’ve been using in devices such as the HTC One X and HTC One S for weeks, with the Samsung Galaxy S III coming to the USA with such an SoC as well. The Snapdragon S4 will now be cut up into Prime, Pro, Plus, and Play categories, where each processor fits in a different set of devices.

S4 Prime will bring you power for your home, mobile devices connected to your television or your television itself. The S4 Pro will be made for computers, especially ultra-thin and sleek computers made with “boundary breaking battery efficiency” in mind. The S4 Plus will be made for the most powerful smartphones and tablets on earth, and the S4 Play is made to be the lowest power of the bunch with devices made mostly for daily activities in mind – photos, video, and sharing.

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