Qualcomm bringing WiFi improvements to MLB stadiums

The 2013 MLB season is officially in full swing (pun intended), and thousands upon thousands of spectators will flock to MLB stadiums all around the country every day for the next few months. However, these spectators will be wielding smartphones, so providing a great WiFi experience is a priority for stadiums across the country, and Qualcomm is partnering up with the MLB to make such improvements.

Qualcomm announced that it'll be working with the MLB over the next two years to implement WiFi improvements to each of the 30 MLB stadiums to assess the level of WiFi coverage. The company said that select stadium reviews are underway as we speak, with the rest of fleet getting improvements over the next two years.

Qualcomm noted that WiFi traffic has been on the rise at MLB ballparks, and the company will not only figure out ways to improve WiFi coverage in stadiums, but also figure out new ways to deliver helpful and interesting content to spectators during the game. Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed, and it's not said how much upgrades will cost.

Qualcomm will also be working with carriers to improve 3G and 4G coverage in and around MLB stadiums. Frankly, improved wireless coverage is becoming more of a must at high-traffic areas like sports stadiums. With the growing amount of connected smartphones making their way into the hands of sports fans, stadiums will need to compensate by offering better WiFi coverage during the games.