Qualcomm, ASUS reportedly making a new brand of gaming phone

JC Torres - Oct 7, 2020, 7:51pm CDT
Qualcomm, ASUS reportedly making a new brand of gaming phone

While Razer may have been the one to start it but other manufacturers have arguably taken the gaming smartphone market where it left off. Among these, ASUS’ ROG Phones maybe some of the top choices, both in features and especially in price. There’s no indication of it slowing down anytime soon and, in fact, might be on the verge of releasing yet another line of gaming smartphones, but this time bearing the name of the maker of the processors that power it all.

It’s definitely strange to hear Qualcomm making its own smartphones, especially as there might be some potential conflict of interest here. After all, its Snapdragon chips power the vast majority of Android smartphones in the market and selling its own smartphone could raise concerns about the chipmaker favoring its own device with features and performance boosts not available on other OEMs. Then again, Qualcomm will hardly be the first to try to do that.

XDA compares this alleged Qualcomm gaming smartphone with NVIDIA’s Founders Edition GPUs that the latter sells itself while also providing it as a reference design. This specially-tuned gaming smartphone will most likely build on the Snapdragon 875 that’s expected to be announced in December.

It won’t be doing it on its own, though, as it has reportedly partnered with ASUS to provide the hardware and design part of the smartphone equation. Qualcomm, on the other hand, will do the industry design and software integration to optimize the performance of this possibly Snapdragon 875G chip.

There are already agreement calls for purchasing components for both this Qualcomm gaming smartphone as well as an ASUS ROG Phone, suggesting the two may have much in common. But while Qualcomm’s next-gen chip may debut in two months, this Qualcomm ASUS gaming phone might not lunch until 2021.

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