Qualcomm asks: sled dogs or the bus today, ma'am?

The folks at Qualcomm have released a video showing a rather odd bus stop. This bus stop was embedded with a set of posters that asked users waiting for a ride to head to a webpage, from there asking them if they're bored, in a hurry, or otherwise in need of some general entertainment. What happened was no less than magical – if not completely off topic and wonderful – off topic if you count the HTC One release today as Qualcomm's biggest release, that is.

The point Qualcomm is trying to make here is that with mobile data – provided by their chipsets and modems, of course – the world is a much more fabulous place. Each time a smartphone is used to access the site shown to the user via the billboard, an odd event happened thusly. With each of these events, joy was brought – and brought hard!

Above you'll see a full highlight reel. Below you'll find a horse-drawn carriage coming to pick up a couple that's in love. Isn't it so kind of Qualcomm to provide them with a service like this for free?

Next you'll find a lovely yellow pick-up vehicle followed by a bright shiny silver ride – Lamborghini to the rescue! Without a smartphone and a web connection at the bus stop, these rather random people would never have been given a free ride – Qualcomm's point is made rather clear.

Next you'll see a "SEEN IT ALL?" campaign bringing up a wheel-connected sled-dog ride coming up on the bus stop with free rides for those that call it. After that there's a bit of a puppy surprise as well – Qualcomm brings the cute!

We'll be seeing Qualcomm at Mobile World Congress this year – starting in a little less than a week! You'll want to jump in on all the action through our Mobile World Congress 2013 portal and see the Qualcomm action from start to finish!