Qualcomm AllJoyn blooms with "Internet of Everything" connectivity

This week Qualcomm is stepping up to the plate with their AllJoyn software framework, driving with it connections between devices galore – creating interoperability for what they call the "Internet of Everything." This announcement takes the AllJoyn universe and extends it to devices with different operating systems and from hardware vendors from all directions. With the AllJoyn SDK, developers will now be given all the tools they need to create "dynamic, ad-hoc networks" between devices with advanced connectivity, discoverability, security, and management galore.

Several main pillars of the AllJoyn universe are being listed this week, with Qualcomm expecting to release "fully functional versions of these core services" in a completely open source license way. Through the developer-friendly AllJoyn.org you'll be able to find tools for the following services immediately if not rather soon:

• Notifications

• Onboarding

• Control

• Audio Streaming

In the Notifications package you've got Qualcomm supporting "a standard way" for devices you program for to both send and receive notifications – text, image, and multimedia included. You'll be creating an intermediary with the Onboarding service with AllJoyn, this intermediary able to be programmed to, in turn, configure simple smart devices – "headless" included. The intermediary can be a smartphone application if you like, and the end goal can be for that headless beast to work on you personal network with ease.

Qualcomm is pushing Control with AllJoyn, here letting us know that you'll be given the tools to allow devices to export their control interfaces from top to bottom – graphics included. From one to another to the other, this smart universe continues to be cross-platform. Then there's Audio Streaming, including an interoperable and open wireless protocol for streaming music – from any device to any device.

Each of these core services is being announced as being upstreamed by May 2013 into the AllJoyn open source project. Integrated support – like magic – is expected by the company to be integrated into "many" platforms and products made with Qualcomm Technologies innards as well from this point forward. And that's the beauty of it for everyday users – you don't have to put in any effort at all – it'll all just work for you, presto! Developer magic.

Fun fact: Audio Streaming is being brought to you in part by the DoubleTwist Corporation – a group we saw an awesome Android sync demo with back two years ago at Mobile World Congress 2011 for Android Community (and that's where we are again today to hear this Qualcomm set of announcements). We've since seen doubleTwist push forth quite a few awesome bits and pieces since then!

We're checking out Qualcomm and the rest of the smart device and service environment this week at Mobile World Congress 2013. To follow along with Qualcomm information specifically, head over to our [Qualcomm tag] and stick to it like glue. If you want the full Mobile World Congress flow – hands-on, up-to-the-minute news updates, and more – you'll want to hit the [MWC 2013 tag] right now – and throughout the week!