Quake 3 ported to Android [Video]

Just as running Doom has become a rite of passage for mobile devices in recent years, so to has getting Quake 3 to play.  kwaak3 is a port of Quake 3 to Android by developer Thunderbird2k, who has managed to get the classic 3D title running at over 30fps on his DROID.Video demo after the cut

Control is either via the keyboard, touchscreen or the trackball, and it uses OpenGL 3D rendering; there's also audio support, though you can turn that off to improve framerates.  A minimum of Android 1.6 is required – sorry HTC Hero owners – but some devices, like the T-Mobile G1, have relatively little RAM and can crash pretty easily.  Future work planned includes better 3D rendering, control systems and general optimization of the Quake 3 code.

Right now kwaak3 isn't in the Android Market, but you can download it from the project site here and install it manually.  androidandme shot a quick demo video of the game in action, which you can watch below.

[via AndroidCommunity]