Quad the green tech Tamagotchi toy for kids

Here's a new toy concept that can help instill green values in your kids when it comes to using renewable energy. A toy designed by Endrit Hanjo, called the Quad, works like the Tamagotchi toys of yesteryears but it comes with a catch. For the toy to be kept alive, your kids will need to keep it well fed on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

The Quad also differs in that it's a bit more physically interactive in that it has the appearance of a head, body, and limbs complete with suction cups. The head has a propellers that can spin in the wind to generate energy while its belly has solar panels where it can suck up sunlight while suctioned to a window.

It can also connect via Bluetooth to synchronize its solar and wind energy intake data with an online game, where kids can compete to see who sustains their Quads the best by evolving and advancing through game levels. With this fun and competitive element to the Quad, kids will be more motivated to keep their Quads alive and in turn inadvertently pick up some green tech savvy about renewable energy.

[via Treehugger]