QromaScan digitizes, organizes your physical photographs

Digital photographs have become the norm, but the odds are high you've physical photographs still stuffed into shoeboxes somewhere. Digitizing the photographs is ideal for preservation's sake, but cumbersome and lengthy — scanning individual photographs takes a lot of time, and after a couple dozen of them, having digital copies doesn't seem so important. Enter QromaScan, a small photo booth of sorts with a related app that, when combined, aim to make the entire scanning and tagging process fast and simple.

QromaScan is a foldable "booth" of sorts in which a photograph is placed. A smartphone is placed on the top above the photograph so that its camera is facing down. The related smartphone app is opened and information about the photograph — such as location — is stated (and subsequently recorded).

Once the information is stated, the photo is placed in the "booth" so that it lines up with some guidelines. The app then snaps a picture of the photograph and crops out the extra parts, leaving only a digital fully tagged image.

The creator behind the QromaScan is seeking $20,000 USD on Kickstarter, where it has thus far raised a little over half of that with 18 days remaining. The Super Early Bird edition is available for a $35 USD pledge, which is $25 off the planned retail price. The device will start shipping to backers in July if all goes as planned.

SOURCE: Kickstarter