QNAP extends its mid-range line with TS-239 Pro II and TS-439 Pro II NAS servers

Network attached storage is an important way for businesses and users to back up their networked computers and content. QNAP has been in the NAS server market for a long time and we have seen their gear before with products like the TS-410 turbo NAS that was unveiled back in October. The company has unveiled two new NAS devices today called the TS-239 Pro II and the TS-439 Pro II NAS servers.

The TS-239 is a 2-drive NAS server and the TS-439 is a 4-drive server. Both of the devices use the new Atom D410 single-core processor. Both of the devices are compatible with VMware's vSphere4 ESX 4.0 virtualization platform. The new servers both ship with version 3.2 of the QNAP NAS management software.

The NAS devices support iSCSI service, SPC-3 Persistent Reservation for clustering, and Windows Server 2008. Also supported is DFS folder aggregations, user list import, and IPv6. Backups using Apple Time Machine are now supported and files on the devices can be accessed over HTTP and HTTPS connections.