Qmadix unveils dry-foam gadget cleaning kit

My kids love to use my gadgets. That means that my iPad typically has some sort of smear, sticky fingerprints, or other stuff on the screen. I have several cleaning kits around here to get the gunk off the screen but they often involve spraying a liquid on the screen to get the goo off. I have never liked the idea of spraying the screen since I fear the liquid getting inside the iPad and ruining things.Qmadix has a new product for cleaning your gadgets and screens that is a foam spray that will not run into the cracks of your gadget. You apply the foam and then use a microfiber towel include with the kit to rub the foam in and remove the smears and smudges on the screen. The microfiber cloth is treated with DuraBan to prevent bacteria from growing.

The foam is static free and dust resistant to help your screen stay clean longer. The can the foam sprays out of uses no CFCs and the foam has a fresh scent to it. The can is 1.9 ounces and sized to allow you to carry it onto an airplane. The cleaning kit with the microfiber cloth is $19.99 but the foam cleaner can be purchased alone for $9.99.