Qik Video Connect PLUS [Mini Review]

We're taking a peek at the brand new [released today!] app from Qik called Qik Video Connect Plus. This app is made for iPhone, iPod Touch (4th Generation,) and iPad 2, and allows you to stay connected to your pals and family and whoever else you'd like to connect with via video. This is what they're saying is the first and only video chat service that incorporates its own video mail, and the first video chat app to include real time effects. Weird! Super neat!

We've got our hands on this app for iPhone 4 right this moment and other than a small glitch with Twitter (it doesn't appear to be able to share to Twitter at the moment.) This app basically makes it easy for you to do everything you've been doing with your photo camera forever, but with video. But wait, you say, isn't there more to video than there is to photo? Won't I want to do more with editing and whatnot? Of course you will.

You can edit video inside Qik Video Connect Plus, and it's really well made. Of course if you still want to use the other brand-spanking-new (to iPad, anyway) software iMovie (which incidentally is also awesome on iPad,) feel free! In this version of Qik you can also add real-time effects in both live video and video chat, Video sync which will easily add your Qik-filmed videos to your device's camera roll for syncing to your desktop. Then there's the HD quality video (which sometimes doesn't keep 100% of its quality in upload to 3rd party sites, but is still lovely.)

This app is [available in the Apple App Store in iTunes for $2.99] OR if you'd like to just try out a limited version of the app, you can go for the free version [which will be available in the app store soon!]

Worth it!