Qi wireless charging standard finalized; first products could drop fall 2010

Wireless charging is one step closer to cross-platform ubiquity, with the news that the Wireless Power Consortium – which counts among its members such manufacturers as Nokia, RIM, HTC, Samsung and LG – has finalized the Qi charging standard.  Defining a technology capable of wirelessly funnelling up to 5W into a mobile device, the new standard will hopefully mean an end to fumbling with microUSB or proprietary chargers, and instead having a single platform on which multiple devices can be rejuiced.

As well as the standard itself, the WPC are planning the necessary testing process to ensure compliance.  Only with that sorted will the manufacturer be able to show the Qi logo on their packaging.  Testing is expected to kick off in August, with products using the Qi system potentially arriving as early as fall 2010.

[via AllAboutSymbian]