Qbo adorable open-source robot detailed

Could it be love at first sight?  As soon as I saw his tubby little body and wide eyes, I knew I had to make him mine.  No, not my clandestine and short-lived love affair with Elton John, but the Qbo robot.  Having teased us with an open-source ethos and design schematics, project lead TheCorpora have followed up with some proper details about what this DIY 'bot should do.

That includes stereoscopic high-def webcam vision in a moveable head, complete with three microphones and even motorized eyelids.  Meanwhile the base section has various ultrasonic and infrared sensors, a status display, stereo speakers and the brains of the Qbo, a Mini-ITX board with Intel Atom CPU and NVIDIA Ion graphics.

Altogether that supports stereoscopic vision, speech recognition and synthesis, and object avoidance, with the 'bot using WiFi and Bluetooth to communicate.  Being a big robot geek I'm really looking forward to seeing this project grow; who knows, maybe I'll retrieve my spanner set from Elton and make one myself.