QB-EM Shield cuts out the iPhone interference

I love my iPhone, but one of the biggest problems I encounter with it is that annoying buzzing it makes when anywhere near anything with a speaker. It's an awful screeching noise that can ruin a phone conversation and any music listening session. However, the QB-EM Shield is designed to fix the problem.

Most speakers the iPhone or iPod Touch will come into contact with are unshielded, meaning interference from the device can reek havoc on your ears. The QB-EM Shield can cut out that interference, however, and make listening a pleasure once again.

Designed by Quick Bridge Solutions, this shield is small and all you need to do is place it near the bottom of your iPhone or iPod Touch. It's as simple as that. It blocks the interference and you can get on with your life. It's available in three patterns now for $3.99.

[via Gearlog]