Q-Jays Dual Micro Earphones Reviewed

So, the people over at Pocket-Lint (across the pond), got their hands on a pair of Q-Jay's noise canceling earphones and reviewed them. They seem to like them, but not so much their price or the cabling.

What they liked was all the extras, and of course the sound quality. When you open the package, there are the earphones, with different sized in-ear attachments, which should make finding the proper fitting one for you a lot easier. There were also two extension cords, one with and angled plug, the other a straight plug, lastly there was a leather pouch that you could stow your earphones in.

They like the sound quality, apparently a lot as they gave the earphones 8 out of 10. They said that you had to turn the volume up a bit before they started cranking out their best. As I said, the main things they didn't like were the flimsy cable which seemed prone to breaking, although it might not be, and the price, at £129.99 or close to $260, I can see why.

Q-Jays Dual Micro Earphones Review [via pocket-lint]