Pyro Mini shoots fireballs from your wrist

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a magician when I grew up. I'd practice card tricks and simple illusions while looking through magic catalogs (yes, they existed). For some reason, my parents never thought that any trick involving fire was safe enough for me to perform. After watching a video about the Pyro Mini from Ellusionist, I'm feeling like a kid again. And this time my parents aren't around to stop me from shooting fire from my wrist.

So what is the Pyro Mini? It's a small device that straps to your wrist and shoots fireballs. No, this isn't a weapon, but rather a tool in a magician's arsenal. Like many other fire-based tricks, it uses flash paper to achieve the desired effect. If you're not familiar, flash paper is a specially-treated tissue that easily catches fire, and is gone in, well, a flash.

The Pyro Mini is a smaller version of the original Pyro. The newer device also features a detachable wrist strap, and can be recharged via USB. According to the creator, you can fire around 600 shots on a full charge. It also holds two shots, instead of the single shot its predecessor was able to hold.

If you're serious about performing magic, or have some other fun (and safe) uses for handheld fireballs, then the Pyro Mini will set you back just under $150. You'll need to supply the flash paper, however.

Source: Ellusionist