Pwn Phone update launches with Nexus 5

The folks at the wonderfully named Pwnie Express have launched their latest product, the Pwn Phone 2014, a penetration testing handset that'll run you $1,295 USD. This is an update to the original keyboard-toting Pwn Phone, and with it comes a variety of updated features.

The original Pwn Phone is outdated at this point, and is no longer being sold. The new model, the Pwn Phone 2014, is a Nexus 5 handset outfitted for penetrating testing of various networks (wired, wireless, and Bluetooth), and is particularly targeted towards those who need to perform onsite audits and other on-the-go testing.

The phone is loaded with Pwnie Express's custom Android front-end and various penetration testing one-click apps. The software suite includes Kismet, Aircrack-NG, and Metasploit, among others. The handset is unlocked, and a SIM is not included.

Otherwise, the hardware is what you get with the Nexus 5 — a quad-core Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz processor, Adreno 330, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. The display is a 445ppi 4.95-inch offering, and sensors are numerous, including compass, accelerometer, pressure, proximity, and more.

SOURCE: Pwnie Express