PureCarbon Delta Gloves monitor strength training workouts

PureCarbon has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its new Delta Gloves, a pair of gloves that feature integrated smart technology to help wearers monitor their activities. The gloves include SoftSense technology with pressure sensors in the gloves' palms and fingertips. With these and the related 'Delta Puck,' the gloves are able to monitor power output and more to track one's activities.

The Delta Gloves are designed specifically to monitor weight training exercises, a deviation from the typical cardio-only exercise monitors on the market. A variety of sensors are able to detect what kind of exercises the wearer is performing, such as bicep curls or a bench press, and will record that information in the related mobile app.

The gloves are unique in many ways, perhaps the most notable being the ability to monitor how much weight is being lifted in addition to keeping track of the reps, sets, and specific exercises. Other data tracked includes things like one's explosiveness, velocity, and power. The app also offers guidance to help users improve their workouts.

PureCarbon is seeking funding for Delta Gloves on Indiegogo, where there's a $50,000 goal. Those interested can pledge $99 USD to get a pair of the 'super early bird' units, which are estimated to ship next February. The retail price is expected to be $199 USD when the gloves hit shelves, assuming everything is successful.

SOURCE: BusinessWire