Pure Twilight has nothing to do with vampires

Shane McGlaun - Nov 26, 2010
Pure Twilight has nothing to do with vampires

If I want to watch a vampire movie I watch something along the lines of Blade. My wife on the other hand is a big Twilight fan and prefers her vampires all glittery and limp wristed. It’s hard to get away from Twilight and the latest product bearing the name has nothing to do with vampires. The Pure Twilight is a radio that has a dome on top that glows with all sorts of different colors as a type of light therapy.

The Twilight has a USB port that you can sue to charge your phone or other device. You can connect your MP3 player or iPod to the thing easily for playback. The lights are supposed to help you fall asleep and the clock has a timer that will turn them of altogether when you want them to.

It can be used for kids with built-in lullabies like twinkle, twinkle, little star’ and ‘rock-a-bye baby’ and it has natural sounds like waves to help you fall asleep. Pricing is unknown at this time.

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