Puppy Vacuum Cleaner is the sort of vacuum every kid wants

My daughter is an animal person through and through. She loves dogs and horses the most though. This new concept vacuum cleaner that turned up on Yanko Design today is exactly the sort of thing she would flip over. I'm sort of glad it's a concept or I would end up having to buy it. The vacuum is called the Puppy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. It was designed by Hyun-Seok Kim and has a mama dog with power teats for the little ones.

Rather than having one large vacuum that roams the house Roomba style, the Puppy Vacuum has four mini vacuums that look like puppies with tails. Between the splayed front puppy paws are rollers that pick up dirt and debris and suck it up for the garbage bin. The momma dog doesn't clean; it just lays on its side with the four power ports that the puppies feed off of.

The mamma dog also collects the stuff the litter sucks up on their travels too. The puppies will roam around cleaning, will apparently chase a remote control some times, and can play music. This would be the perfect thing for a child that likes puppies and the parent tired of vacuuming their room. I hope this product actually makes it to market.