PUBG’s PS4 release teased with early Amazon listing

Adam Westlake - Nov 10, 2018, 10:36 am CST
PUBG’s PS4 release teased with early Amazon listing

When it comes to battle royale, Fortnite may be the current global phenomenon, but it was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that first took the genre mainstream over a year ago. Since then, the game has been released from early access on PC, as well as made its console debut on Xbox One, but PS4 owners are still waiting to get in on the action. Their chance may soon arrive, as what appears to be an accidental early listing on Amazon has given us a likely release date.

The Amazon listing was discovered on Friday by Twitter’s Wario64, who has a reliable reputation for spotting leaks such as this, as well as sharing early details on game discounts and sales. The page on Amazon didn’t include any details, or even official PUBG artwork, but it did state a release on December 8th. As usual, the listing was quietly removed once word began to spread.

A PS4 release of PUBG has never been officially announced, but over a year ago developer Bluehole revealed it had been in talks with Sony about the game. More recently there’s been evidence of PUBG data appearing on PlayStation servers, and just recently a PS4 version of the game was rated by the Korean Games Board.

The one other detail that backs up the Amazon leak as being genuine is the fact that December 8th is one day after The Game Awards 2018. There’s been no word of Bluehole’s plans, but that would be the perfect event to make a surprise day-before-release announcement.

SOURCE Amazon, Wario64/Twitter

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