PUBG's latest free-to-play promo lets you really sink your teeth in

PUBG is rather unique among battle royale titles, perhaps because it sparked the whole frenzy that led to rise of games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. While many battle royale games are free-to-play, PUBG actually asks for money upfront, potentially prompting some battle royale fans to give it a pass. This week, the developers behind PUBG are giving those holdouts a chance to try the game without plopping down cash first.PUBG has gone free-to-play for the next week, giving (mostly) complete access to the game to anyone who wants it. Normally, PUBG runs $30, but from now until August 16th, it costs nothing to download and play. Krafton, the studio that makes PUBG, is even giving players some rewards for trying the game out during this promotion.In a post to Steam, Kraton reveals several missions that will grant players a collection of in-game items upon completion. Most of these quests are ones that will be completed just by playing the game. For instance, one of the quests has you traveling 600m total in a parachute, while another tasks you with looting 300 items in total across all of your matches. Additionally, Krafton says that players who create a Global Account through the PUBG website and then link it to their Steam accounts during the free PUBG week will also get a free in-game item: Traditional Glasses (Round).

During this free-play week, all rewards – whether those are Pass, Mission, XP, or BP rewards – can be collected normally. In addition, mission progress and gameplay statistics will be recorded and put toward achievement progress if players wind up buying the full game. It seems that the store won't be available to free players, but it will unlock as soon as those free players purchase the game.

Sadly, it doesn't seem like there's a sale associated with this free-play week, as PUBG is still listed at its normal price. The weeklong promotion is only available on Steam, which means console players will have to sit this one out. PUBG's free-play week wraps up on August 16th at 2 PM PDT/5 PM EDT.