PUBG SteelSeries accessories revealed

SteelSeries PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) accessories were announced today in a real power move by both companies. This accessory release will basically plant PUBG branding and imagery on already-nice SteelSeries devices and peripherals of many sorts, but it's going to be super neat. This is one part of the one-year Anniversary Celebration of PUBG, with both companies giving away a bunch of SteelSeries stuff, PUBG stuff, codes, and whatnot.

"SteelSeries was the peripherals brand we considered partnering with, because of the tremendous reputation the brand has built over the last two decades," said EMEA of PUBG Corporation Senior Marketing Manager, Shane Rho. "This partnership provides our community with the ability to show off their PUBG pride while using the best peripherals in the industry"

The first wave is set to roll with a QcK+ PUBG Edition Mousepad, for around twenty bucks. It's got the basic PUBG main image on it, and it's pretty much basic. In the near future, we're expecting some much more deep-dive accessories for the most elite of cross-brand tie-ins.

The folks in charge of the one-year anniversary of PUBG are using this release as an opportunity to give away a bunch of swag. SWAG. Stuff We All Get. Included in their campaign are Level 3 backpacks filled with SteelSeries gear, SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headsets with exclusive PUBG ear plates, an MSI Optix MPG27C Curved LED Gaming Monitor with a full suite of SteelSeries gear, PUBG QcK+ mousepads signed by creator, Brandon Greene and more.

You'll find all that good stuff at SteelSeries dot com – and we'll be covering this release as it makes its way to reality, too. Stick around and see how the PUBG makes its way into the industry in more ways you can spend your money on – more ways than you can possibly imagine!