PUBG Savage map: Here's how to get in

PUBG's anticipated 4x4 map is still in early development and isn't generally available. However, some fans can get access now via a closed experimental server if they have the right key. Access gives users their first glimpse of the 4x4 map and allows them to help shape the map's development over coming weeks. How do you get the PUBG Savage map yourself? It's all about the key.


The PUBG team revealed late last month that it would be opening Savage to testing and player feedback in the near future. This is the first time the company has released such early content since its alpha testing stage; getting feedback asap will help shape development "in the right direction" from the start. As promised, the initial test round started late last night and will run through April 5, 4AM PDT / 7AM EDT.

The initial testing round — the one live right now — is limited because it is the time during which the team will ensure that "nothing is too broken." Once that process is over and everything is cobbled together nicely, a second testing window will start and it'll involve a larger number of players. The team hasn't provided a start date for that second testing window, though.

How to Get Access

Okay, so now you know what's going on. How do you get into the initial test window? By heading over to this mapbeta site and crossing your fingers in hopes that an access key is available.

At the moment the site reads, "Bad News: We're out of codes for now." However, that's only a temporary shortage according to the page, which also teases that "it might be worth" it to like and follow PUBG on Twitter and Facebook. Whether that means you might get a code for doing so is unclear.

If you really, really want access, the best thing you can do is head over to the PUBG forums' "Experimental Server" section. The team will post info about upcoming testing windows, ensuring you're ready to get a code the next time a batch goes live.