PUBG: New State release date revealed: The wait is almost over

Krafton, the company you may still know as Bluehole, has finally revealed the release date for its upcoming mobile twist on the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The company first announced PUBG: New State in February alongside preregistration for the game, noting at the time only that it would arrive later on in 2021.

As first revealed back in February with the game's initial announcement, PUBG: New State isn't here to replace PUBG: Mobile. The new title will join the existing mobile game as a new option for Android and iOS users, bringing with it new content, graphics, and other key changes, the most notable being an entirely new environment.

PUBG: New State will be set in a futuristic world packed with new weapons and vehicles unlike those found in the existing PUBG titles. Krafton held a media showcase about the upcoming mobile game last week in South Korea, showing off gameplay footage and, among other things, finally announcing a release date: November 11.

That date will mark the global launch for PUBG: New State, which will be available to download and play in 200 countries. Krafton and PUBG: Corp will have a final playtest ahead of launch on October 29 and 30 that will be limited to 28 countries. Fans of the game or the battle royale genre in general can still preregister for the title on Google Play and pre-order on Apple's App Store.

The November 11 launch will mark the arrival of another high-quality mobile game that fully leverages the latest and greatest mobile hardware while offering an experience that, says Krafton, may prove to be unlike anything you've played on your phone before.

PUBG: New State's minimum requirements are low enough that many mobile gamers should be able to enjoy the title, though players who have higher-end hardware will enjoy the best quality. Krafton says the use of "global illumination technology" will enable the game to offer a level of quality beyond "what was previously possible in mobile gaming graphics."