PUBG Mobile's big Tivik map update has arrived

Earlier this week, Tencent announced that PUBG Mobile would be getting a new map. New maps aren't the rarity in PUBG that they may be in other battle royale games, but this new map was slated to be a special one. When Tencent made its announcement, it revealed Tivik, a new map made specifically for PUBG Mobile players using smartphones and tablets.

As a result of that focus on making a mobile-friendly map, Tivik isn't like the other PUBG maps. For starters, it only measures 2km x 2km, so it's significantly smaller than maps like Erangel and Miramar, which both clock in at 8km x 8km.

Due to that small size, it can only hold 52 players, so expect smaller-scale battles than what you might be used to in PUBG proper. Match times will also be limited to a mere 15 minutes, so battles should play out rather quickly. Tivik has two exclusive firearms in the P90 SMG and Mk 12 marksman rifle, and a new vehicle with the Monster Truck.

In its patch notes for version 0.19.0, Tencent reminds players that Tivik is still in beta testing, so don't be surprised to if you encounter some issues while playing on it. Tivik is being joined by a host of improvements and fixes, including some new themed modes for the Erangel and Miramar maps. Royale Pass S14: Spark the Flame will be launching on July 14th, so one week from today.

Update 0.19.0 is live today on both iOS and Android, so download the update and give the new map a go. Everyone who installs the update between today and July 13th will get 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Nightmare Helmet, so be sure to get it installed early so you can get those rewards. For more on the update, check out the patch notes linked above.