PUBG debuts new Event Mode, with new map coming next week

While the spotlight has shifted in recent weeks from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to Fortnite, the former is looking to win back some of the battle royal attention with some new updates and content. The first, released on Friday, is a special, limited time game mode that revolves around a new flare gun, while next week will see the first gameplay on PUBG's newest map, Codename: Savage.

Those playing PUBG's four-player squad mode this weekend can already try out the new flare gun Event Mode. Like the name implies, flare guns can be found around the map, and shooting it into the air will prompt an airdrop to bring the team a package full of weapons and armor. The trade-off, however, is that the flare alerts everyone else of the location, meaning battles quickly form over the care package.

As this is one of the first tests of PUBG's take on limited time events, the flare gun mode is only available this weekend. Players will only have until April 1st at 7pm PT to try it out.

Next week will also see the debut of PUBG's newest map, Codename: Savage, which promises to offer a very different play experience than the two existing maps. Unlike Erangel and Miramar, which both measure 8km by 8km, the new map is just a quarter of that size, running 4km by 4km.

This smaller environment promises to speed up the game's battle royal action, but as the developers note that the map is still in an early alpha state, it's also only getting a limited time preview. The alpha test will run from 7pm PT on April 2nd to 4am on April 5th, and only for a limited number of players. More details are coming on Monday on how players can participate.

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