PsyStar Open Computer gets roundabout access to Apple updates

PsyStar, maker of OS X clone computers, have solved half of their most significant drawbacks, though there's still some confusion over exactly how legitimate their solution is.  Although the appeal of a cheap machine running Apple's lauded software was a draw for many, the inability to load an existing copy of Leopard (you had to buy it from PsyStar) and the absence of Apple updates left them lacking polish.  Now PsyStar are offering access to Apple Updates, but not in the way you might immediately think.

The obvious solution would be to somehow tweak the Open Computer to access Apple's official update server; however, that's still not possible.  Instead, PsyStar will be offering safe updates, bug fixes and workarounds from their own Support section.  So far there's a Time Machine fix available, together with patches sorting DHCP issues some users are experiencing.

Existing owners can download an update client, while new buyers will have the app already installed.  PsyStar are claiming that an in-depth examination of the Apple EULA has shown up no clauses that might prevent the from distributing their own versions of the company's patches, however if they modify them they'll certainly fall foul of Apple's lawyers.

[via Gear Diary]