PSP to go on diet

The papers are full of 'Size Zero' models and how they're leading our children into a hellish world of snappable slenderness, but why has nobody thought of the poor gadgets?  The pressure to conform to a narrow stereotype has seen cellphones drop the ounces until they can hardly be dialled on without buckling, while ultra-portable laptops are soon going to have to be powered by watch batteries since they're too thin for traditional LiIon packs.  It looks like Sony's PSP has caught the dieting bug, too; just as each PlayStation has had a mid-generation redux, the handheld console is to be refreshed with a smaller, thinner casing.

Sony UK Director Ray Maguire told press at a recent conference that while the screen size is "fixed" the rest of the dimensions are subject to change.  No hardware rejigging by the sound of it, though, and whispers about internal hard-drives and networking options remain solidly rumourous.

GamesIndustry [via Electronista]