PSP Firmware Upgraded to 3.0

Benjamin Nied - Nov 21, 2006

Well, it wasn’t ready in time for its big brother’s launch on Friday, but the PlayStation Portable is finally ready to play in the big leagues. Firmware version 3.0 has hit the Internet for all you PSP-carrying gamers, boasting a number of new features, including the long-awaited PlayStation Network connectivity and PlayStation 3 connectivity. While those with a PS3 will be happier with the update than those without, but there are still a number of new features for PSP owners without a PS3. To view a complete list, hit the jump!

Complete PSP 3.0 Update List:

  • PlayStation Network support added under Game
  • Online manuals added under Network
  • Camera added under Photo
  • UMD Auto-Start added under Settings
  • 3-Speed Fast Forward/Reverse added under Music
  • Visual Player added under Music
  • Remote Play added under Network

[via IGN]

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