PSP-3001 on the way

Emily Price - Aug 14, 2008
PSP-3001 on the way

Plans for the new PSP-3001 have been revealed by an FCC filing for the device made by Sony this week. Sony requested confidentiality when filing the papers but we did learn a few tidbits about the device.

First of all we learned that the PSP-3001 testing was focused on the 2.4GHz spectrum for the PSPs used of 102.11 WiFi. It doesn’t look like we’re going to see anything new on that front with the PSP-3001 since the FCC didn’t test for things like Bluetooth or GPS.

From pictures the new PSP-3001 looks exceptionally similar to the current model. Although we’ve heard rumors of a redesign of the device in the works, it looks like we won’t see that redesign with this release.

Not a lot of details, but this filing does let us know that a PSP-3001 is in our imminent future.

Have any of you been waiting for this one? What updates were you hoping to see?

[via Engadget]

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