PSP-3000 Value Pack in new limited edition colors coming to Japan

Sony is offering up some PSP-3000 value packs in Japan as a bit of a last hurrah for the system ahead of the launch of the PS Vita. Considering the PSP-3000 hasn't sold in droves I don't see a couple new colors being that big of a draw. The packs will land on July 28 in Japan and sell for 17,800 yen with tax included. The piano black looks like the same color Sony has always offered. The other two colors are cool looking though.

The colors include vibrant blue and blossom pink. I really like the vibrant blue color. The bundle comes with a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo storage card. The bundles also come with a storage pouch, a cleaning cloth, and the AC adapter and 1200mAh battery. These are the same basic bundles we have seen before hardware wise.

Sony also takes time to mention new games coming exclusively to the PSP in July. Konami Digital Entertainment will launch Powerful Pro Baseball 2011 on July 14. BASARA Sengoku Heroes Chronicles will launch on July 21 from Capcom. Let's make a J. League Pro Soccer Club 7 Euro Plus will launch on August 4.