PSN cards spotted at Meijer stores

If you've ever gone in search of an Xbox Live points card, you probably haven't had much difficulty finding one, as they are in stores everywhere. Now alternatively if you go to look for a PSN card, you're going to be searching for some time. However, it seems that one chain has finally gotten the goods.

I've personally never seen a PSN card anywhere. There's a good chance that I wouldn't even notice one if I saw it, however, one gamer did notice one at their local Meijer. Unfortunately for most people, Meijer stores are only found in a few states in the Midwest. I just so happen to live about 5 minutes away from one, so I'll have to mosey on over there later and see if they too have the cards.

If you don't happen to live near a Meijer, the only other place I know to check are random gas stations. For some reason these elusive cards have managed to crop up at small gas stations here and there. I wouldn't exactly get my hopes up with that option though.

[via PS3 Fanboy]